CAP BOURBON between land and sea…


CAP BOURBON is a well-established fishing company based in Reunion Island, harvesting Patagonian Toothfish and specializing in cold storage.

The CAP BOURBON adventure begins in 1998 with the partnership of two families, bound by the same innovative spirit: the family fishing company Le Garrec – specialized in « deep-sea fishing » in the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, and pioneer in distant-water fishing – and the SOPESUD – a local longliner ship-owner for tuna and swordfish fisheries.

Located in Le Port in Reunion Island, CAP BOURBON owns 2 freezing longliners: the Cap Horn 1 – a time-tested ship since 2002 and the Cap Kersaint, a latest generation vessel, built in 2016 based upon the crew’s and management’s experience and feedback.

Eager to invest in the long-term and establish its local institution, the company continues to develop its activities and provide customised cold storage for frozen foodstuffs. The company also has its own processing plant to package and market fish products.

The small company employs 38 skilled, dynamic and committed people (including 31 sailors).

CAP BOURBON is, above all, a team of men and women driven by the same passion: fishing in its element!