A new generation longliner


Built by the PIRIOU shipyards to brave the icy waters of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF), the Cap Kersaint is equipped with a diesel/electric propulsion for a better consumption management and reduction of its carbon footprint. 3 diesel alternators provide the necessary electrical power to the 2 directional thrusters for optimum manoeuvrability and great flexibility in usage. The double redundancy of the vessel’s drive chain, together with an ice-strengthened hull (Certification « Ice class 1C » from Bureau Véritas) make the Cap Kersaint a very safe vessel, used to navigate the Antarctic’s hostile waters.

Engineered in consultation with its experienced crew and management, its innovative equipment includes a stem shooting ramp and a « moon pool », a central well system for hauling the longline. Besides improving crew working conditions and safety, these design features prevent seabird mortality, one of Cap Bourbon’s key elements of environmental respect.

Cap Kersaint’s moon-pool




Length 59,45 m
Width 12,80 m
Speed 12 knots (around 22,22 km/h)
Propulsion 2 x 1 000 kWh
Autonomy 90 days
Crew 28 members + 1 TAAF observer
Freezer hold 900 m3 at -25°C