Responsible and sustainable fishing


The Antarctic waters contain many outstanding ecosystems and their protection has always been a key focus of CAP BOURBON and other French toothfish fishing companies.

CAP BOURBON has been committed to responsible and sustainable fishing for many years and is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, an internationally recognised Ecolabel.

Based on 28 performance indicators, the MSC rests on 3 essential aspects: sustainability of fish stocks, minimising environmental impacts (preserving the ecosystem’s diversity) and an efficient management system.

As a member of the SARPC (Syndicat des armateurs réunionnais de palangriers congélateurs – the union of the local freeze factory longliner shipowners), Cap Bourbon fully supports the Syndicate’s code of conduct. The company participates in several scientific and exploratory studies and contributes to initiatives for the protection of seabirds and the monitoring of incidental catches.

Through the Foundation of the Southern Ocean, created in 2013 by the SARPC, CAP BOURBON also supports innovative projects in order to better understand, share, protect and enhance the natural resources of the Southern Ocean.